Glistco Dock N' Lock compatible with Nintendo Switch

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  • Glistco Dock N' Lock - Protects your console - adds protection while moving your console and prevent's unwanted removal
  • Protects your game - Keeps your game safe with the lever arm preventing game removal
  • Glistco Lock - Comes with a custom Glistco lock and two keys
  • 3M Non-slip Rubber - Insert the feet into the Low Profile slots for enhanced adhesion for any surface

Switch on Safe Mode with the Glistco Dock N' Lock. Prevent those pesky hands from taking out your game or removing the console from the dock. Installs in seconds, easily place your switch along with its dock into the custom base and lock with the arm.  

Multi-lock capability allows you to lock the dock to a surface, perfect for tournaments or other public events. 

Remixed from FMMT666 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

Double check the model of your Nintendo switch before purchasing.


Customer Reviews

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Valdemar Wigert
Switchlock 3D print from thinieverse

1 month delivery time, not impressed.

Cody T.
Update: New OLED Model works great.

Update! I wanted to update my previous review with new information.

I reached out to Glistco and let them know about my original problem with the fit for an OLED Switch. (see review from 7/12/2022)

Glistco got back to me and sent an updated OLED Model. It fits perfectly. It also now shows as an option in the purchasing menu. Big thank you to Glistco customer support who worked with me to find a solution.

This is a great product for keeping a Nintendo switch in a public area and to help keep it from walking off. There are additional locking points on the back where you can loop a security cable through and lock it or via either of the front locks.

This does not stop children from playing the console, but allows for easy access and use in a public space.

Original review from 07/12/2022
Purchased this for use in a common space for students, but the base does not fit the OLED Dock. It is about 5mm too narrow to fit. Could not heat the material to make it fit.


Does not fit OLED Dock

Amazingon Customer
Exactly what I needed

Excellent. Two modes to lock up. One that covers the cartridge slot, the other that doesn�t. Keeps it secure so kids can�t take the console and hog it or break it. Covers screen entirety and keeps it protected. Fits perfectly.

Sam S
Configurable lock, excellent

The system locks the switch into the dock, which is great to keep the portable system from being too portable for little people.

The best part is the lock has the option for blocking the game slot or no depending where you put the lock arm. I can see situations where locking the game slot is needed, but for myself I wanted the door to be accessible, great to have the option.

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