Most Anticipated Games of September 2023

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves begin to change colour, there’s nothing that complements every gamer’s desire to stay inside more than new video game release season. There’s so many titles coming out this month, but here are just a few that have got us pumped to boot up our consoles and get back online.

STARFIELD (September 6th)

          Perhaps the most anticipated game not just of this month, but of the entire YEAR, Starfield is Bethesda’s open-world space exploration RPG that lets you explore a vast galaxy of planets – over 1000 according to Bethesda exec Todd Howard, who lovingly dubbed the game “Skyrim in space.”

          The universe of Starfield is the first new IP for Bethesda Game Studios in over two decades and is already getting some solid reviews on Metacritic. Thus far, around 50 reviewers have given the PC version an 88 and the Xbox Series X version an 87. The game launches (see what I did there?) next week on Game Pass and is sure to make one small step for man and one giant leap for gamer-kind.

NBA 2K24 (September 8th)

          WE’RE SO BACK! If you’re a fellow basketball fan like me, you’ve been chomping at the bit for the next season of the NBA to start up again. Luckily, our hunger will be satiated as the yearly entry into the NBA 2K franchise will keep us busy until the regular season begins next month.

This iteration features the late, great Kobe Bryant on the cover. Rightfully so, as he wore the #24 jersey from 2006 until he retired in 2016. The usual additions will be present, such as the new draft class added to the roster. I can’t wait to get bucket after bucket with #1 draft pick Victor Wembanyama as I go one-on-one with the likes of Kevin Durant or Lebron James and put ‘em on skates with my sick dribbling skills. Sports, am I right?

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MORTAL KOMBAT 1 (September 19th)

          I know it’s not out yet, but I’ve already decided this is going to be my personal Game of the Year. Don’t tell Spider-Man. The MK saga is once again being rebooted. This time around, Fire God Liu Kang has crafted a New Era, one of peace, but nevertheless, the game will still be as gory and over-the-top as it has been for the last 30 years.

          Mortal Kombat 1 will feature Kameo characters that you can tag in for an assist during your fights. Both this and the main roster are chock-full of obscure fighters who have not been playable since 2006. Having grown up playing the 3D era of Mortal Kombat games, I’m stoked for the returns of characters like Havik, Reiko, and Shujinko and even more excited to rip out their spines and explode their organs. *dun dun dun* FATALITY!

LIES OF P (September 19th)

          When I found out that this month we’d see the release of a Souls-like game based on The Adventures of Pinocchio, I thought: “who let ChatGPT make a video game?”, but there’s no strings here. This game is real and looks awesome! Much like Dark Souls, you can hack and slash your way through a variety of hair-pullingly difficult enemies with dozens of weapons and upgrades like a mechanical arm that doubles as a grappling hook or a flamethrower.

This game puts you in the real boy shoes of Pinocchio, who could easily pass for Timothée Chalamet’s ancestor from the Victorian Era. Decisions made by the player will affect the story thanks to the game’s Lying System, which will determine whether you get a good or bad ending. It’ll sure make the game even harder to fight your foes when you’re sporting a 3-foot nose after declaring “this game won’t make me rage quit and throw my controller across the room.”

PAYDAY 3 (September 21st)

          There’s nothing more fun than planning, prepping, and executing an elaborate crime… *AHEM* I mean playing video games with your friends. What better way to test your friendship than with a good ol’ fashioned robbery objective-based multiplayer shooter. The Payday Gang returns in this threequel to the hit heist and hold-up title. Rob banks, jewelry stores, and more with the likes of Dallas, Chains, Wolf, and Hoxton all from the comfort of your law-abiding home.

          Payday 3 took home a pair of awards at Gamescom last month, nabbing “Most Entertaining” as well as “Best PC Game”. It will likely see a solid number of players thanks to it debuting on Game Pass on the day of release. Whether you play with buddies, bots or randoms, make sure you’ve got plenty of zip ties and don’t forget to put on your mask. (Heh. Got away with that one.)

EA SPORTS FC 24 (September 29th)

          If this game looks familiar to you, it should. EA Sports FC 24 is essentially the newest iteration of the FIFA series. This year is the first time Electronic Arts will be releasing a soccer game without FIFA branding. The two companies split in 2022 after they couldn’t reach a new licensing agreement. As a result, last year’s FIFA 23 was the final entry to feature the football league’s moniker.

          A little falling out won’t stop EA from giving footie fans around the world something to kick around this fall. Aside from enhanced animations, movement, and play styles, EA Sports FC 24 adds co-ed roster building to the staple Ultimate Team mode. Players will be able to craft their fantasy squad with just about every player on the planet – male or female!

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          September may be back to school month for many, but for those of us without homework, we’ve got plenty of projects of our own to dive into. From working our way into the starting lineup to piloting a rocket to an undiscovered celestial body, this month has a ton of fun in store for gamers of all types.

          Obviously, there’s so many games coming out in September that didn’t make our list. Which titles are you looking forward to most this month? Let us know in the comments! Be sure to check out the Glistco Shop to enhance your gameplay setup, no matter what you’re playing or what you’re playing it on!

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