G-Iron - Virtual Reality Golf Club

SKU: VR-001

Style: Meta/Oculus Quest 2/Quest


Drive like a pro with the G-Iron, a virtual reality golf club for Oculus Quest 2/Quest, Valve Index, and HTC Vive. Turn your VR controller into a golf club that you can grip and swing like a real club to save strokes. The G-iron, designed and engineered in Canada, features a weighted handle and a secure cradle for your VR controller, assisting you in achieving immersion and realism during play.


  • Genuine Golf Technology - A textured soft grip improves adhesion and comfort. For long-lasting play, our grips are made from durable elastomers.
  • Ballistic Nylon Strap - Military grade nylon for ultimate controller protection
  • Contoured Cup - Our PA12 Sintered cup keeps your controller perfectly seated
  • Solid Steel Coupling - Our weighted coupling simulates a real golf club to increase realism and immersion
  • Maximum Protection - Our cup is designed to work with the oculus wrist strap for added safety



*To ensure safety, the G-Iron will require proper space for larger swings.

Customer Reviews

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Game Changer

I have an Oculus Quest 2 and picked this up as an add-on for Golf+. If you have ever plaved a VR golf game you probably know this but the area most lacking is the inability to have a proper golf grip. This is solved by the G-iron, every terrible habit I have in real life is replicated with the addition if this club to the game. It's about as realistic as it gets short of spending $10k+ for a sim and hitting real clubs. I can't recommend this enough. Great design, securely holds the controller and takes VR golf to the next level.

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