Magni Stock Controller Cup Adapters for Oculus Quest 2


Color: Black


Please include the previous version of Magni Stock (Rift, Rift S/Quest, HTC, Valve) you own in notes during checkout. 

Our neodymium magnets are installed with maximum strength, so you don't have to worry about misalignment.  The controller cups are designed to perfectly fit on your Oculus Quest 2 with no hassle. Choose between 3 unique finishes and customize your Magni Stock to look any way you'd like.


- High Strength Neodymium magnets pre-installed

- Compatible with Oculus Quest 2

- Compatible with the Glistco Magni Stock

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
David Trinh
Excellent Customer service

Had a problem with a part. They replaced immediately.

Charles Cross

The strap clip spring was broken on arrival .
The stock keeps falling off. Very aggravating

Andrew Babin

Perfect fit

Tyler Cotter
Great for onward and similar shooters

This thing is a life saver and game changer. Forget the awkward sighting problems when you’re using a rifle in a VR shooter with two free floating hands.
Assembly was easy, getting the sling set up was easy too. When I first used it I set the grips really close to me which felt awkward and caused the magnet to occasionally try to jump back in place while reloading. Just set it with a comfortable reach for the firing hand and fully extend your support hand to prevent any magnetic hang ups when reloading. I use a fully extended grip shooting my rifles IRL so it was easy for me to get used to after making the change it was second nature at that point. Set the sling to have the rifle hang across your chest so that if you transition to pistol you can just snap the cups off and grab mags from your belt for reloading

Trent Castle
Improve your VR FPS Game.

Was looking for a decent VR stock for a while, Seen some good ones, though I settled on this one. An its good, really does help keep the guns in game stable an helps with quick aiming. Only gripe I have is that if it the controller holders where underneath the barrel as some times while reloading I tend to hit the barrel. Overall great gun stock. Must buy for a more immersive VR Experience.

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