Meet our Designers

We co-operate with many designers from around the world.

They have dedicated their time and energy creating new and innovative ideas.



Graphic designer, Story teller, Animator, 3D artist, Product designer, 3D-print expert, Inventor, Experience designer, Musician, Scientist, and even human…

So many fancy titles for many occasions, with similar meanings.  

But who am I really?
I am always fascinated by learning new things. Especially keen to learn about art, science, culture and design. With my knowledge I bring these areas together.
Tulio Lannen



21 years old. Works as a freelancer as a test automation engineer. Marek enjoys travelling and handing out with friends. He designs 3D models in his free time.

Marek love to tinker with his projects and creations. He is never satisfied unless he believes his products are perfect.

His first 3D started printing designers in 2017 and then decided to completely reconstruct his machines to improve and increase efficiency. He uses Fusion 36O to design intricate and effective models.  


Marek Mašek


Hobbyist 3D Designer, IT Engineer, and Project Manager by career.

Passionate about developing useful 3D objects, and even better when they are combined with electronic circuits and robotic mechanisms.
Believer that Open Source hardware and software, and self-learning can release anyone's hidden talent.
Built his own 3D Printer by following instructions from an open design, involving several trial-and-error attempts, which not only left a working 3D printer, but also lots of knowledge.

Eduardo Cortes