Skates - Horizontal Stand For PS5 - Compatible with Black Plates Pro

SKU: PS5-016



Designed specifically for the Black Plates Pro

Security & Style

The Skates are designed to keep your PS5 stable; no more wobbly PS5. Remove and replace cables with confidence, and don't worry about your expensive console being knocked over by children or pets.

Silence your Console

Tired of your PS5's noisy fan? Skates come equipped with 3M rubber padding to effectively dampen noise and minimize resonance, creating a quieter gaming experience.

Maximize Storage Convenience

Stumped about where to stow your external hard drive? Elevating your PS5 with our skates liberates valuable storage space beneath the console.


  • Skates Tailored to your PS5 - Our PS5 skates are the perfect fit for your PS5 console. Experience it for yourself.
  • Elevate your Console - Your console needs to breathe too. Elevate your console using our skates to improve surrounding airflow and prevent overheating. 
  • Easy to install  Applying our skates is as simple as donning a pair of ice skates. Just slide them onto the side plates of your console, and you're good to go.
  • Non-Vibration Rubber Pads - Our rubber pads provide the necessary grip to keep your skates securely in place, ensuring stability.

Compatible with Disc and Digital Editions

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Arrived broken piece

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