Simple Feet

Horizontal PS4 Stand

Glistco's Simple Feet are specifically designed for PS4. They are precision made to hug the corners of your console and lift it off the ground. Ideal for tight spaces like shelving units and rough surfaces.  


Keep your
console cool- in style



Simple Installation

Installation is a breeze! Simply push the feet into the corners of your PS4 and you're good to go!

Helps Reduce Noise

Propping your console off the surface which it sits will help keep it from overheating.

Place the rubber pads on the bottom of the feet to prevent your console from sliding around! Stylish and sleek, these feet are very strong and made with functionality in mind, they belong on your console.

Enhanced 3M Rubber Adhesion

Lift your console for better airflow

Improve Air Flow

Often times your console will start to sound like a jet engine! #Simplefeet will help reduce your fan speed, by improving airflow around your unit.

Treat your PS4

Your console is working hard to keep you playing! Treat it with some refreshing air!

Take control of heat

Reduced overall heat, when console is not sitting on a surface.

Multiple Colors!

We are bringing multiple colors and designs to the simple feet!

Quick Delivery

We process your order within one day of purchase. Relying on the world's most capable courier's for fast delivery worldwide!

Secure Payments

Pay with Paypal, Apple Pay, or any major Credit Card company. We do not store your Payment information.

Simple Returns

Swift hassle free returns. Return your purchase for a full refund within 30 Days.