(Pre-sale)SwitchCade - for Nintendo Switch




PRE-SALE: Ready to ship in 4-6weeks! 
  • Switchcade -  An amazing arcade cabinet for Nintendo Switch.
  • Timeless Stand - A super fun way of storing and playing your switch!
  • Build it Yourself - Enjoyable and simple to build.
  • Classic Look - Bring back the good old days
  • Decorate - Be creative throwing on your own stickers and emblems

The Switchcade is a fun and exciting way to combine the old with the new. Bringing a timeless look to the Nintendo Switch! Wood pieces are laser cut for ultimate precision and pieces press together with satisfaction. Take the time to decorate the Switchcade just the way you like it. Enjoy your favorite games while bringing back a piece of the past! 

Show us your creative side, send us your design and we will share your Switchcade on our Instagram!


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