Simple Feet 2 - Xbox Series


Color: Galaxy Black


Simple Feet 2  - The Next Generation 

Meet the new and improved Simple Feet. Simple Feet 2.
This time around we went back to the drawing board and 3D-printed a beast of a product.The Simple Feet 2 were specifically created with the Xbox Series X/S in mind to elevate the new, sleek console and manage airflow.
Installing the Simple Feet 2 couldn’t be easier. Just stick the feet under the corners of your console for setup within seconds. The all-new Galaxy Black variant brings the future into the Simple Feet with a shiny new colour that brings you straight into outer space.
As always, our rubber feet create grip and prevent slippage as well as reducing noise and vibration.
We know you expect quality and longevity with Glistco and we strive for the stars. Pick up our new Simple Feet 2 for the Xbox Series X/S and enjoy elevating your gaming experience. 
  • Xbox Series - Our new design works with Xbox Series X & S.
  • Simple & Elegant - A bold, classy look for your console - make it stand out!

  • Lift your console - Elegantly lift your console from an insulating surface. Compatible with many gaming setups

  • Improves airflow around the console - Allows air to flow freely around your unit 

  • Simple Installation - Easily stick the feet under the corners of your console for setup in seconds

  • Rubber Anti Vibration Feet - Enhanced adhesion and grip so your console will stay firmly in place all while reducing noise and vibration.

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