Magni Stock - VR Carbon Fiber Controller Stock Adapter for Oculus Rift S / Quest

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Carbon Fiber
Extremely lightweight design. Carbon Fiber is stronger than aluminum yet much lighter. This will increase your reaction time tremendously inside VR

Neodymium Magnets
High strength magnets, allow you to quickly place your hands on the stock(blindfolded), yet they are still easy to remove with a twisting motion!

Two Point Sling
Upgraded two point sling, for easy clip attachment. Lets your stock hang while you use the controllers like normal. Keeps the stock in perfect positioning, with easy adjustments straps.

Improved Accuracy

Keeping your hands perfectly aligned inside VR with help tremendously with 2 handed weaponry. Hitting all the targets without any wobble will feel amazing!

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Joshua A.
Canada Canada

Works pretty Good

Works pretty good. Currently using for Zero Caliber VR. Fits most guns. Would have like it better if the joints had been more flexible.

Collin Mastre


Exactly what I was looking for! This makes headshots easy in Pavlov...I mean REALLY easy! Great build quality, magnets are strong, assembly was a breeze, shipping was fast and these guys are great to deal with...what are you waiting for? Buy it and I’ll see you on the battlefield!


Not horrible but takes time to get used to.

I just got it today and used it for like 20 minutes. (I know only 20 minutes that's not long enough to be able to right a review off of.) I have used it for a bit it seems sturdy enough to use not sure what all the damage reviews are about yet so far it has not broken. I will let you know it is not easy to use at first. I have been playing FPS games on vr for about 3 years now and am very used to just using the controllers freely and have gotten rather good at it too. I am not saying this is at all a bad product but I will let you know is there is going to be a "break in period" I am not at all used to having to work around a stock that is just dangling from my shoulder while I'm flailing my arms around trying to reach for my in game sidearm or switching back to my rifle as well as dealing with a plastic rail getting in the way of my reloads. Again I am not saying these as a bad thing just an informative thing you should be aware of. I will continue to use it and try to get good with it but it will take time to adjust to it. I would recommend playing a single player shooter before using this in an online multiplayer game so you get a bit more comfortable with it.

Andrew Heidrich

Reloading/cocking is an issue, had some QC issues, but overall good.

I would give this 3.5 stars so I am rounding up to 4. But this is a 3.5-star review. This item basically consists of a plastic stock butt piece, and two carbon fiber tubes that connect together with a plastic coupler, with another plastic piece that connects to the end of the barrel. These latter two pieces have strong magnets on them that hold two plastic controller cups. using set screws that accept an allen key on one end and have a sharp point on the other end. The set screws thread into little holes on the plastic pieces, butt up against the carbon with the sharp end, and ostensibly keep everything in place. I did have some issues with this process. The screw hole on the butt of the stock didn't thread properly, and so the tube that went into the stock didn't seat correctly and was wobbly. Additionally, the piece that joins the two tubes together is a little "rocky" when the set screws are screwed in - there is a sweet spot for the set screws and if you go too far the carbon is very easily "crunched" which results in more rocking. My solution for this was just to epoxy everything together, and it's solid as a rock now. No big deal. The two smaller plastic pieces go in the middle of the two carbon tubes (joining them together) and on the far end (opposite the butt). These pieces have very strong magnets on them. The magnets connect to the little cups that hold the controllers, and these are well-designed. The controllers sit nicely in them with a hole for the strap at the bottom. With practice you can somewhat easily "rock" the whole cup off of the base magnet if you need to use the controller independently. When your weapon is has a full magazine with one in the chamber, this stock works fantastic. Have used in Pavlov, Gun Club VR, and Lambda1VR HL port. In Gun Club you'll need to purchase the "flashlight with grip" for your rifles for proper hand position. I MELTED the assault rifle challenge in Gun Club VR with this thing, all 40 levels, on semiautomatic, with the red dot sight (no laser). Walked right through it, and I'm no marksman. It is that good. Where you run into an issue is reloading, and any other actions that require the second hand to come off the front of the gun. You've got to get really good at detaching the whole off-hand controller cup from the magnet base, grabbing your magazine from your hip (or pulling the slide or whatever), and snapping it back on the magnet base quickly, without being able to see what you're doing. In Gun Club I just get whatever the largest magazine size for the weapon is. Cocking shotguns is a challenge as well. So - some QC issues but easily fixed with some glue (for me). Fantastic for aiming with two-handed weapons; really brings the feeling of holding a rifle to life in VR. Some issues/tedium around easily reloading/cocking weapons due to the off hand being fixed to the barrel with a really strong magnet. All in all, I still use it, and would recommend it.

Angy Chasteen

Great stock, Great Price, Great magnets

I have to give this gunstock 5/5 now! They listened to my concerns and sent out updated parts and a new tube! All I can say is, they have Amazing customers service!???? Pros: - Lightweight - Strong magnets - Strap is great length - Controller cups feel study - Easy Assembled - updated parts All in all: for the price it's a great gun stock

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