Thin and compact shape.


  Solid steel construction


  Double screw mounting

Clean up Your Setup

Under Desk Mount Allows Your Desk or Tabletop to be Clear

Made With A Perfect Fit

Designed to Perfectly Fit the Elite Charger and Controller

Made for Any Setup

Positioned for Gaming - Grab and game, our dock places your controller perfectly under your desk for the best game flow positioning.

Elite Charging Dock - Your elite charging dock will be attached securely with the magnetic design of the charging dock.

Ultimate Setup - Place your controller down on our Elite Dock to improve your gaming rig.

It's Steel - Strong metal, so you know it will last forever & also a great price!

Comes with: 2x 1/2" Screws

Designed In Toronto, Canada

#edition_Series X

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#color_Glistco Blue

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Stealth Mount for XBOX Series S - Glistco

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