Joy Guardians - Joystick Stabilizer Clamps for Steam Deck

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Size: Steam Deck
Color: Black
$11.19 $15.99


Joy Guardians, Protect your SteamDeck.

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Canada, the Joy Guardians wrap around your Steam Deck joysticks just like a brace. This completely prevents any unwanted movement while your deck is in transit or storage. Let dust and debris be a thing of the past, the Joy Guardian will prevent unwanted filth from entering your joystick grooves. 

Helps Prevent Stick Drift: Isolates movement in your thumb-stick to help prevent stick drift

Perfect for Travel: Bring your Steam Deck anywhere without the worry of your joysticks getting damaged

Magnetic Clamp: Equipped with strong magnets for convenient installation

Packages comes with - 2 Joy Guardians Clamps

Watch the: Youtube video

*Not compatible with our Steam Deck Performance & Protective Kit or our Steam Deck JoyGrips.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Johan van Heerden
Joy Guards

The work great!

Mankit Li

The item scratched the front plate, very bad.

Dan Kolinko
It’s never arrived

Please contact me

Gregory Rodriguez
Does what I need it to do.

But one of them does not hold as tight as the other one. But does what I need it to do.

Great idea in process

Firstly, great customer support.
Really wanted this to be everything it could be & it really very nearly is, if you get a good batch. My order came with one that worked perfectly on the left stick & was loose on the right. The other one was loose on the left & downright sloppy on the right. It didn't keep it from moving hardly at all.
Contacted support & they replaced the whole set at no cost (therefore 4 stars & not 2 or 3). However what holds back the fifth star is that second set still does not have one that completely immobilises my right stick.
After two sets, if both had some movement, I'd think it was a great idea poorly executed, or perhaps I've misunderstood the actual function. However, the left stick is completely locked with protector on.
I believe their is a variance in my deck's joysticks & housing dimensions. As unlikely as that might seem, it's the only thing I can think of.
The problem with the first set is that one had the magnets not recessed enough, so it was closed, but not holding the joystick. The second set is very nearly there, but still has some movement on the right stick with either protector placed. Not a deal breaker with second set, but it does hold back a star.

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