Founder and CEO Daniel Yashinsky unsure of his future followed in his father’s footsteps and began his education in Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration. The trades taught him the value of hard labour, endless nights, and most importantly problem solving. Working for over 5 years in crawl spaces, attics, and crazy on-call hours the happiness eventually faded. Knowing he needed a change, he steered towards one of his passions, video gaming.Nintendo 64 was one of the first gaming consoles he owned so he decided to go back to his roots and scour the web for opportunities, he realized there was a market for selling old Nintendo games which led to buying games off Kijiji, garage sales, friends, and selling them online. He would spend days cleaning, testing, and listing games. This created a new mindset, consistently looking for the more opportunities to provide value.

He discovered that the evolving additive manufacturing industry allowed the crafting and creation of amazing products, so he decided to purchase his first 3D printer. He tried selling many items with little success, but he was not done testing. During this time, his brother Elan helped with graphic design and to thank him Daniel decided to purchase an Oculus Rift Headset. After really getting their hands on the device they realized opportunity in the VR niche which lead Glistco to designing and manufacturing VR & gaming accessories.

All while they were still working in his basement managing dozens of 3D printers, Daniel knew it was not sustainable. When business started to pick up, he left his HVAC job, purchased more printers, and moved his shop into a warehouse. Orders were coming in, work was piling up, so it was time to hire his first full time employee who helped Glistco manage printers and take care of order fulfillment. Now we have expanded our manufacturing capabilities and have a dedicated team whose sole purpose is to develop, discover, and deliver products based on the emerging technology of 3D Printing. We currently run off two types of machines: SLA (resin printing) and FDM (fused deposition modeling). 3D-printing has given us the flexibility to make customizable products, and each day we continue to expand our inventory.

We work with different designers and engineers across the globe who dedicate many hours to designing lots of our products! These amazing designs put smiles on your faces, they decide to share these products because they love the work and providing something of value to the world. When you purchase our products, you help support these designers and help the gaming community grow.