G-Iron - Virtual Reality Golf Club

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Style: Meta/Oculus Quest 2/Quest
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Introducing the G-Iron a Virtual Reality Golf Club, the ultimate addition to your VR golf experience. Our club uses genuine golf technology to enhance your virtual golfing experience by providing a realistic and immersive feel.

The G-Iron is compatible with the Oculus Quest 2/Quest, Valve Index, and HTC Vive. 


  • Genuine Golf Technology - A textured soft grip improves adhesion and comfort. For long-lasting play, our grips are made from durable elastomers.
  • Ballistic Nylon Strap - Military grade nylon for ultimate controller protection
  • Contoured Cup - Our strong injected cup keeps your controller perfectly seated
  • Solid Steel Coupling - Our weighted coupling simulates a real golf club to increase realism and immersion
  • Maximum Protection - Our cup is designed to work with the oculus wrist strap for added safety

 * VR Headset not included

G-Iron Installation Instructions


*To ensure safety, the G-Iron will require proper space for larger swings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Timothy Chapman
Great addition

Those rainy or snowy days that you cannot get on the real course you can play virtually with your friends that have a vr system as well. the swing does feel good and there are some decent courses you can buy.

Randell Bosse
Product is cool but…

Shipping time was super delayed and I never got anything back from Support (like something towards a future purchase). They need some strap adjustments here too - had to kind of rig the thing so it doesn’t fly out.

Conrad Mauffray
Golf adapter

It is a helpful tool, but I believe there is a disconnect in the system and mechanics when the grip is installed. I set up the vr to the specifications in the tutorial video, but the ball flight and general mechanics has changes way too much. May require more tinkering, but right now it seems more trouble than just using the controllers by themselves.

Robert Greguras

Sure makes the game fun!’n

Alexander Storts
Almost a quality product

The grip is nicely thought out, but there are some faults. First, the velcro strap is too long. When I wrap it around the controller for my oculus quest 2, there is only about a quarter inch left to strap in. This makes for a loose connection. My first swing almost resulted in a broken tv. The extra band saved me.
Second, the controller doesn’t fit perfectly into the grip. The controller shakes a little, resulting in a mis-hit (usually open club face). Most notable when putting. The controller can shift and you hit the ball 50 feet past the hole.
Lastly, im not sure how long this will last. The grip itself is okay quality. The velcro is already coming apart, and I’ve only used this product for a few hours total.
I think this product could be awesome if they focus on these small details.

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