Skates - Horizontal Stand For PS5 - Compatible with Dbrand Dark Plates 2.0

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SKU: PS5-012

Style: Disc
Color: Black
$26.39 $32.99


Security & Style

The Skates are designed to keep your PS5 stable; no more wobbly PS5. Remove and replace cables with confidence, and don't worry about your expensive console being knocked over by children or pets.

Silence your Console

Because your PS5 can sound like a jet engine, Skates feature 3M rubber paddings to help reduce noise and resonance.

Extra Storage at Your Fingertips

Don't know where to store your external hard drive? Raising your PS5 frees up storage space beneath the console.

** Designed specifically for the Dark Plates 2.0**


  • Skates Tailored to your PS5 - Our PS5 skates are the perfect fit for your PS5 console. Experience it for yourself.
  • Elevate your Console - Your console needs to breathe too. Elevate your console using our skates to improve surrounding airflow and prevent overheating. 
  • Easy to Use - It’s as easy as throwing on a pair of skates. Just slide them onto the side plates of your console and enjoy. 
  • Non-Vibration Rubber Pads - Our rubber pads give your skates the stick that they need to stay in place without budging.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Really great design Looks really good.

Eddie Jordan
The fit isn't even close, save your money.

I was excited to get my skates for my PS5 however when I went to install them, they were not even remotely close to fitting either side of the console. I do not want a replacement because these should have fit 100% and the fact this company didn't ensure the fit I will not be doing business with them again. Save your money these are junk.

Martin Fahy Jr
One side doesn't fit correctly

I would give it 5 stars but after having to replace the first purchase for not fitting correctly on one side Glistco was extremely accommodating and sent a replacement. Unfortunately it is having the same problem. I didn't contact because I felt it would be an on going issue. For your product to be even better please work on fixing the left side of the stand the piece not going on the disc side but the other side, also that side that doesn't fit properly also has a wobble which is not good for the disc based PS5.

Natalya L.
Fantastic Product, Great Fit

These are a superb fit with the Dark Plates, and help give the console a bit of clearance. They work much better than the OEM "stand." Would recommend anyone get a set of these for their PS5 & Dark plates combo, or the original if you have the original face plates.

Eddie Montano

Not gonna lie I received the first ones didn’t fit such a good price. I just ordered them again and they fit.

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