Magni Stock+ VR Carbon Fiber Controller Stock Adapter

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Style: Quest 2 / Quest / Rift S
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Introducing the Magni Stock+

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada. The Magni-Stock Gun Stock from Glistco does more than simply look fantastic; it enhances your gaming experience and technique. Feel the Magni Stock's better alignment and experience deeper immersion.


V- Adjust Stock: The new and improved stock allows you to change the height of the cheek rest faster thanks to the V-Adjust locking system

Improved Controller Cups: Magni Stock+ comes equipped with the new and improved Cups+ that feature contoured finger rest lips, higher cup height for better grip, and better magnet placement for easier reloads

Injection Molded Fittings: The Magni Stock+ pieces are constructed with injection-molded plastic to withstand a higher amount of force when gaming

Neodymium magnets: High Pull magnets keep your controllers locked in place, while still being able to easily bend the controller off when necessary. Hovering over the stock magnets will allow you to quickly lock your controllers onto the stock with ease

Carbon Fiber: Real Carbon Fiber gives the stock a sleek matte black finish and is feather-light

Easy Adjust Buckles: No fuss buckles allow you to easily adjust the strap to your specific body type

Two Point Sling: The strong nylon strap is comfortable while still be very strong allowing you to increase your comfort in-game

🇨🇦Proudly Made In Canada

3D Printed in Canada - Some parts are 3D printed at our Canadian manufacturing facility

The MAGNI STOCK will improve your gameplay and take you to the next skill level. 

What's In The Box?


Watch our Youtube Video here!


JSyntax Review

*Video shown below from JSyntax is an older version of Magni Stock that is no longer in production.




*This product is not intended for children the age of 12 years old or under.

Customer Reviews

Based on 84 reviews
Marco aus Essen
Fazit.: nach 6 Monaten mit der Rift Version!

Die Verarbeitung ist ein sehr guter 3D Druck.
Der Zusammenbau ist schnell erledigt.

Lieferung war in meiner Sicht schnell, obwohl es aus Canada kommt.
Er ist leicht zu tragen, auch bei mehrere Stunden spielen immer noch angenehm.

Tipp.: Für die Rift Version!

Beim montieren, die Magnete am Stock etwas nach vorne neigen.
Dann gehen die Caps auch nicht vom Halter ab, wenn man den Stock gegen die Schulter drückt.

In den Caps sollte man sich dickere Gummistreifen reinkleben.
Für 1 € beim Baumarkt deiner Wahl.
Da die mitgelieferten nach einigen Tagen nachgeben und die Controller raus rutschen.

Mittlerweile haben die Spiele auch eine Option, das man ein Gun-Stock emulieren kann,
das Reicht für Leute die selten Pavlov, Contractors , Onward spielen.

Daher erst überlegen ob ein Stock für Dich Sinn macht.

Bis jetzt finde ich den Magni-Stock Top,

Great, but the mount has broken my controller

I’ve been using this for a year or so. The mounts that the controllers go into is very prone to cracking. This makes the grip on the controller weaker, leading do dropping of the controller. I have replaced both mounts for the controllers. This has lead to too many drops of the controllers. My left controller is now pretty much unusable and a new one just cost me $180.I like the gun mount and will continue using it and replacing the mounts as they continue to crack and fall apart. I feel like a different design for the mounting of the controller would be beneficial

David Trinh
Controller adapter did not fit properly

When putting the adapter for one of the controller it cracked right away.

David Christen
For the price nothing beats it, but......

Like the title suggests, with its price its easily the best quality stock for vr. That being said there are a couple of things I would like to see changed:
1. Although it only happened to me once or twice, the cups for the Valve Index (these are the older versions of the cups, for anyone seeing this review after the new ones come out) did come undone. Not a huge issue for me, but for others it might be.
2. A velcro strap to hold the cup onto the controller, while not the worst idea, could come undone if swung around. That being said, if it's for cost, I'd recommend making a cut or hole where you can feed the velcro strap through then have it go around the controller.

All in all, it's a great vr gunstock for $60-$70 price

Great to use

This is amazing! Really good for onward and a lot of different vr fps games. I accidentally dropped it and broke the butt stock but customer support was quick to send me a new one! Overall it’s a great product and I would recommend.

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