Fast Charge Station for PS4 Controllers




  • Dual Charge Station - Fast charge both of your PS4 controllers at the same time, saving you time and keeping you in the game 
  • LED Light Indicators - Controller lights notify you of controller charge - Green is full Red is charging.
  • Fast Charge Capability - 90% transformer effectiveness giving you the maximum charging amount 
  • Sleek, Low Profile - Our charging station is sleek and elegant, keeping a low profile and making your gaming setup look awesome. 
  • Rubber Grip - The dock is fitted with a rubber grip to ensure it will never slide or slip off surfaces.
  • Quick Placement Connectors - Insert our connecters in your controllers for swift placement and pickup 
  • Ships from Canada🇨🇦.

What's In The Box?

  • 1 Dual Charge Station
  • 4 Micro Triggers for connecting PS4 Controllers to station
  • 1 Micro USB- USB A charging cable

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