Glistco Dock N' Lock

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  • Glistco Dock N' Lock - Protects your console - adds protection while moving your console and prevent's unwanted removal
  • Protects your game - Keeps your game safe with the lever arm preventing game removal
  • Glistco Lock - Comes with a custom Glistco lock and two keys
  • 3M Non-slip Rubber - Insert the feet into the Low Profile slots for enhanced adhesion for any surface

Switch on Safe Mode with the Glistco Dock N' Lock. Prevent those pesky hands from taking out your game or removing the console from the dock. Installs in seconds, easily place your switch along with its dock into the custom base and lock with the arm.  

Multi-lock capability allows you to lock the dock to a surface, perfect for tournaments or other public events. 

Remixed from FMMT666 is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

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