Glistco Power Station - Compatible with DualSense




  • Dual Charging  - With dual charging capabilities, you'll never be left without a charged controller!

  • Sleek Matte Design  - Made with a stunning finish that will complement your PS5.

  • Drop and Store -  Charge your DualSense controllers while storing them in a sleek and elevated platform when not in use. 
  • Fast Charging - Glistco Power Station can charge both controllers in just under 3 hours simultaneously!
  • Wall Adapter - Your controllers need power! We provide a wall adapter that plugs into the Power Station with USB-C 
  • LED Lights  - LED Lights match your controller's orange hue and provide you an indication of charging while giving your gaming setup a futuristic look!

What's in the Box

  • Glistco DualSense Power Station
  • A/C Wall Adapter (USA)
  • Instruction Manual









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