Simple Feet - Horizontal Stand / Feet For PS4 - (4 Pack)

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Size: Original
Color: Black
$12.95 $25.90


  • 3D Printed Feet for Playstation 4 - Pack of 4 precision made to hug the corners of your PS4
  • Snug simple fit into all four corners for PS4 - Adds a unique tank-like aesthetic to your PS4, Sits on your surface beautifully 
  • Improves airflow and cooling around the console - Helps reduce noise & compatible with many different gaming setups
  • Keeps console off the ground - Keeps distance from long fiber carpets, lifts your console off the hot surface which it sits
  • Non-Slip feet included- Thick rubber pads, places on the bottom of the simple feet for enhanced grip. Designed by Marek Mašek
  • PS4 box

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