Simple Feet - Horizontal Stand / Feet For PS4 - (4 Pack)

SKU: PS4-Fat-Foot

Size: Original
Color: Black


  • 3D Printed Feet for Playstation 4 - Precision made to hug to corners of your console
  • Lift your console - Elegantly lift your console from an insulating surface. Compatible with many gaming setups
  • Improves airflow around the console - Allows air to flow freely around your unit 
  • Simple Installation - Easily push the feet into the corners of your PS4 for setup in seconds
  • 3M Rubber Anti Vibration Feet - Enhanced adhesion and grip so your console will stay firmly in place all while reducing noise and vibration.
  • Designed by Darevik and Marek Mašek - We work closely with our designers to provide essential gaming gear
  • Proudly Made in Canada 🇨🇦



What's In The Box? 

      4 Simple Feet and 4 Rubber Adhesive Strips

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