Magni Stock+ VR Carbon Fiber Controller Stock Adapter

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Style: Quest 2 / Pro / Quest / Rift S
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Introducing the Magni Stock+

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in Canada. The Magni-Stock Gun Stock from Glistco does more than simply look fantastic; it enhances your gaming experience and technique. Feel the Magni Stock's better alignment and experience deeper immersion.


V- Adjust Stock: The new and improved stock allows you to change the height of the cheek rest faster thanks to the V-Adjust locking system

Improved Controller Cups: Magni Stock+ comes equipped with the new and improved Cups+ that feature contoured finger rest lips, higher cup height for better grip, and better magnet placement for easier reloads

Injection Molded Fittings: The Magni Stock+ pieces are constructed with injection-molded plastic to withstand a higher amount of force when gaming

Neodymium magnets: High Pull magnets keep your controllers locked in place, while still being able to easily bend the controller off when necessary. Hovering over the stock magnets will allow you to quickly lock your controllers onto the stock with ease

Carbon Fiber: Real Carbon Fiber gives the stock a sleek matte black finish and is feather-light

Easy Adjust Buckles: No fuss buckles allow you to easily adjust the strap to your specific body type

Two Point Sling: The strong nylon strap is comfortable while still be very strong allowing you to increase your comfort in-game

🇨🇦Proudly Made In Canada

3D Printed in Canada - Some parts are 3D printed at our Canadian manufacturing facility

The MAGNI STOCK will improve your gameplay and take you to the next skill level. 

What's In The Box?


Watch our Youtube Video here!


JSyntax Review

*Video shown below from JSyntax is an older version of Magni Stock that is no longer in production.




*This product is not intended for children the age of 12 years old or under.

Customer Reviews

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Dominec Taormina
Game changer

I love this stock. It's helped me game immensely. My sights are lined up almost immediately. I went from a 1:1 kill:death to a 2:1 and even 3:1. BUT my controller holders are loose on the carbon fiber rod. I am constantly adjusting them, as they are tightened as far as they go.

hi all ! i play PCVR

I love the gunstock , its my First and i needed to get used to it at first , but now i wouldnt play a shooter without .
thanks !!

Its great but has a learning curve

I ordered the stock Wednesday afternoon and arrived Monday afternoon.

Although the wearhouse is located in Ontario the default pricing is in USD. I didn't notice until billing so it ended up costing me a little more than I wanted to spend. This one is on me though as you can toggle pricing on the top.

Took about an hour to put together and adjust the placement in a game.

The stock does work! I have hand tremors so it was night and day the difference and my first deathmatch went 69-8.

Issues I have which will probably be resolved with practice:
1) Reloading is slower because of the de-coupling and snapping back into position.
2) Depending on the gun your holding, reloading isn't flawless. You physically hit the stock occasionally.
3) Depending on the fixed position of your grips, switching to a small SMG or pistol is pointless as your assisting hand cant grip cant hold the gun.
4) right now I don't use my pistol, grenades, knife or pick up guns on the ground as its not much of a hindrance. The game play in Provov is to fast to uncouple my dominate hand to perform these functions.
5) If I iron sight the gun before placing my controller back on the stock sometimes it wont grip correctly(virtually) or the aim is skewed. Have to ensure grip locks back in before gripping again.
6) My grips, although I've tightened them, they seem to still rotate left and right. When I de-couple and reattach I tend to have to reposition my controller/grip back in the position. This has led to some deaths in game.

It works! Would've liked to pay less after all things considering but not many options available.
Good for games that are primarily rifle based and will excel in slower game play/bigger maps. The faster the game, the more dimension returns you get from the stock.

Suzanne keeter
Works great!

I can use the sniper gun now! Works great 👍

Great Oculus gun

Works great. Takes a little getting used to, but works great!

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