Magni Stock - Carbon Fiber


Style: Quest 2


Neodymium magnets: High Pull magnets keep your controllers locked in place, while still being able to easily bend the controller off when necessary.

Quick-Lock: Hovering over the stock magnets will allow you to quickly lock your controllers onto the stock with ease.

Feather Light: These carbon tubes are super light, yet extremely durable and are made for action!

Carbon Fiber: Real Carbon Fiber gives the stock a sleek matte black finish.

Easy Adjust Buckles: No fuss buckles allow you to easily adjust the strap to your specific body type.

Strong Nylon: The nylon strap is comfortable while still be very strong allowing you to increase your comfort in-game.

🇨🇦Proudly Made In Canada

3D Printed in Canada - Every Magni Stock piece is all 3D printed at our Canadian headquarters


What's In The Box?

  • Carbon Tubes X2
  • Coupling 
  • Adjustable Rail Magnet X2
  • Rail Hook
  • Butt
  • Touch Cups X2
  • Two Point Nylon Sling
  • Assembly screws

The MAGNI STOCK will improve your gameplay and take you to the next skill level.

Your controllers can bring you out of the immersion due to misalignment causing items to move unrealistically and reducing accuracy. Now you can aim down your sights for some crisp shooting while becoming a master marksman.

Magni Stock will enhance immersion letting you truly feel that two-handed item.  Using this stock will keep your hands in perfect stable alignment getting those crucial headshots.


*Video shown below from JSyntax is an older version of Magni Stock that is no longer in production.

*Video shown from Glistco is the current version of the Magni Stock

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

Bought two of these, one for a family member. Both required a bit of dremelling on the inside of one of the couplers. Aside from that, it’s great, and I prefer it over other companies including the heavy Sanlaki.


So I'll get the bad out of the way immediately: the buttstock needs work. The tightening of a metal screw on the plastic is not ideal as it damages the plastic. Also, even when tightened, the buttstock wobbles a lot, that's why I used some velcro (as you can see in the picture). It also barely extends enough for me to use the cheek rest properly for some guns, in some games. Also, the controller cups are kind of awkward. Their edge is sharp so it's uncomfortable to hold as the edge falls somewhere between my middle finger and my ring finger (I ended up doing some sanding). I wish the cups extended longer so that the pinky, ring and middle fingers were all resting on it.
The main achilles heel of this stock, I think, is the two pieces main rod. I understand it makes shipping easier but it's inconvenient. One must be very careful when putting this together and tightening everything. I spent a bunch of time getting it right, but now I'm very happy with the layout, it's rock solid and I don't need to mess with it anymore.
This is the only VR stock I've owned so I don't know if I would prefer the controller cups attached to the side as other stocks from other brands do, but I have gotten used to the cups slapping on top of the stock. Finally, I was also able to fit the knuckle straps made by a notorious VR gear brand, so I am very happy with the result.


works well and feels great when you set it up for your play style.


works well and feels great when you set it up for your play style.


This stock is Very well made. Adjustable in all the right spots. Strong magnets. And it looks like a peice of art. Well done

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