Skates - Horizontal Stand for PS5

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Style: DISC
Color: BLACK
$16.50 $20


Security & Style

The Skates are designed to keep your PS5 stable; no more wobbly PS5. Remove and replace cables with confidence, and don't worry about your expensive console being knocked over by children or pets

Silence your Console

Because your PS5 can sound like a jet engine, Skates feature 3M rubber feet to help reduce noise and resonance.

Extra Storage at Your Fingertips

Don't know where to store your external hard drive? Raising your PS5 frees up storage space beneath the console.

**Compatible with both Disc and Digital versions of the PS5**


  • Skates Tailored to your PS5 - Our PS5 skates are the perfect fit for your PS5 console. Experience it for yourself.
  • Elevate your Console - Your console needs to breathe too. Elevate your console using our skates to improve surrounding airflow and prevent overheating. 
  • Easy to Use - It’s as easy as throwing on a pair of skates. Just slide them onto the side plates of your console and enjoy. 
  • Anti-Vibration Rubber Pads - Our rubber pads give your skates the stick that they need to stay in place without budging.




Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Cameron Hunter
Nice quality, good fit

Nice looking 3D printed plastic, and a good fit. Helps me get more air to a supplemental fan in the cabinet my PS5 is in.



Daniel Griego
Cool idea, design needs more work

It seemed like a cool product when I purchased it. The left side (disk side) fits perfect and lays perfectly flat. However, the right side does fit the PS5, but it does not sit flush on the table. I tried it on another PS5 and got the same results, it just won't sit flat. It's like the back part of the skate hits the ground, but the front part is up and needs like a mm more of skate to sit flush. I was sure to follow the directions to the T. Kinda bummed out, as all my PS systems sit on some sort of platform or skate like product and sit flush with the table. Maybe down the line, the design will get better and I'll reorder.

Chris Hill

Works great

Jason Thomas
Ps5 Skates

Great fit and fast service !!! Cheers once again 👍

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