Sensor Mount for Oculus Rift

Color: Black
Quantity: 3-Pack


  • Spring tension 3D print for a strong hold without limiting rotation/range
  • Eliminating stands clears up valuable desk space
  • Higher sensors improve tracking inside Virtual Reality
  • Strong tape provides enhanced adhesion
  • Easy installation- Designed by rweiher licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution license.

Being inside Virtual Reality is a jaw-dropping experience. It brings you to a new world and gives a sensation like you aren't in the room your standing in. This can all be ruined by poor tracking due to sensor positioning. When you can't pick up that item, hit that certain beat or completely get disoriented in-game. Just snap your sensors into our mounts and with a quick setup, you'll be in the game like never before. Spring tension design gives the perfect amount of strength to hold your sensor tight, while still being able to adjust positioning. The 3M mushroom tape is designed to hold on many different surfaces with excellent adhesion. 

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