Simple Feet for Xbox One


Size: Xbox X
Color: Black


  • 3D Printed Feet for Xbox One X - Use these feet to improve airflow around your console, lift your Xbox to prevent it from sitting on the hot ground.
  • Easy Installation - Simply push snap them into the four corners of your console
  • Stack your consoles - Stack multiple consoles on top of each other all while improving airflow and cooling
  • Lift It! - Keep your Xbox lifted off the ground and protect the base from scratches
  • Non-Slip rubber - 3M Adhesive rubber pads included to prevent unwanted console movement
  • Included: 4 Adhesive Feet With Rubber Pads
  • 🇨🇦Proudly Made in Canada


What's In The Box? 

                         4 Simple Feet and 4 Rubber Adhesive Strips



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