Stealth Mount for PS5


Color: Black
Edition: Disc


  • Smart Design - Designed for usability and airflow
  • Choose Your Colour - Available in Night Black and Magic White
  • Strong Screw Installation - Adhesive strips aid an easy installation process, slip the brackets on your console and place your console in the perfect position to screw the brackets in
  • Remove & Replace - This allows you to easily remove and replace your console whenever needed
  • Sturdy & Reliable - Made STRONG to account for the weight of your console.

What's In The Box

  • 2 Stealth mount brackets
  • 4 Adhesive strips
  • 8 - 1" Wood screws
  • Assembly Instructions

*Your minimum table width should be greater than 19mm (3/4") with screws provided.*

Digital Mount

Right Bracket

  • Front - 235.69mm lengthwise, 115m widthwise
  • Side - 42mm lengthwise

Left Bracket

  • Front - 235.69mm lengthwise, 110.29mm widthwise
  • Side - 42mm lengthwise

Disc Mount

Right Bracket

  • Front - 235mm lengthwise, 115m widthwise
  • Side - 42mm lengthwise

Left Bracket

  • Front - 236mm lengthwise, 122mm widthwise
  • Side - 42mm lengthwise

Installation Video:

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
The PERFECT mount i've been looking for.....

This stealth mount is essential for any owner of the PS5 with a cluttered desk like mine, ever since I got my PS5, I've been searching high and low for the perfect mount. I've checked Amazon, Lazada and Shopee, they mostly offer vertical wall mount. That is until I found Glistco....... I was skeptical about the quality at first, but after receiving it, I feel this quality is rock solid.

But sadly, due to my miscalculation, I am unable to mount it under my current desk as there are obstacles in the way (e.g. table support frame) that made it impossible to slide the PS5 into the mount. Well, it's about time I change to a new desk.

Nevertheless, I am overall extremely happy with my purchase and the quality of this stealth mount. :)

Tony Mendoza
Exactly what I needed!!!

I hate how bulky the PS5 is, I barely had room to display it. Now with the Stealth Mount my PS5 looks dope as hell and have room to shelf some games!

Peter Florczynski
Best choice I’ve made by buying these

My setup looks complete very sturdy and easy to install and it looks awesome

Absolutely Awesome!

NOTE: you will need a long(ish) Phillips screwdriver for this. I have 2 and I was barely able to make it work.

Very simple in its design, I like how open it keeps the console and allows great airflow to the system still. There is just enough friction to keep the console in place and it isn�t crushing it either. Plugging and unplugging the USB in the front can make it slide a tiny bit, but nothing you can�t just hold it in place with the same hand and push/pull the cable in.

Fairly easy to install, just takes time to measure out and make it even. Don�t rush it and you will be very pleased with this.

Very happy with this and cleaned up my desk space! Highly recommend!

Petko K.

Really nice addition to a standing desk. Keeps the top of the desk clean as there’s less devices on the table top and it’s really strong for a 3D printed part as I was skeptical at first due to the ps5 weight but it has no issues with it even when I adjust the desk height. Would highly recommend it to others who have a similar setup too

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