Stealth Mount for XBOX Series S

Colour: White


  • Smart Design - Designed for usability and airflow
  • Strong Screw Installation - Adhesive strips aid an easy installation process, slip the brackets on your console and place your console in the perfect position to screw the brackets in
  • Remove & Replace - This allows you to easily remove and replace your console whenever needed
  • Sturdy & Reliable - Made STRONG to account for the weight of your console.

We recommend placing the Xbox Series S upside-down in the mount for proper ventilation. 

What's In The Box

  • 2 Stealth mount brackets
  • 4 Adhesive strips
  • 6 - 1" Wood screws
  • Assembly Instructions


Minimum table width to be greater than 19mm (3/4") with screws included in this package.

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